Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

School Hours

Student attendance hours are from 8:30 AM to 3:20 PM. Students are expected to arrive at school no earlier than 8:20 AM. Staff supervision is not available until 8:25 AM.

Late Arrival

If a student is going to be late for school (because of a medical appointment or any other reason) parents should notify the school by phone or by note ahead of time.

Upon late arrival to school, parents are to come into the office and sign the child into school. This is the only way in which a tardy may be excused. Unexcused tardies may result in appropriate discipline.

Exceptionally late student arrival may result in a half-day absence being recorded if the student does not meet the required daily minutes of attendance for that day.

Late Pickup After School

If a parent, or another person picking children up after school is ever late, children will be taken to the office.

If something happens which causes a parent to be late picking up children, please call the school office to let us know, so we can reassure your children who would be waiting in the office.

Frequent late pickup may result in the need for a parent conference with the principal and/or involvement of outside agencies.

For additional information regarding attendance, please consult the parent student handbook.
Parent-Student Handbook.pdf


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