Covington Activities

Covington School offers a number of extracurricular activities for students to expand their learning and enhance their level of social awareness and responsibility. Available activities may change from time to time as the interests of our students change. Students and parents should be on the lookout for extracurricular opportunities as they appear in announcements and information sent home from school. The Covington School website contains more information regarding these activities. Students are not permitted to attend any extracurricular activity if they were not in school attendance on the day of the activity. In addition, any student whose conduct is unacceptable during the normal school program can lose his or her privilege to attend these activities. Such a loss of privileges will be based upon the student’s actions as determined by the building principal.

For more information about specific activities, click on the "Activities" tab in the menu at the top of the page.


Saturday, Jul. 23

There are no events scheduled for this day.