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Welcome to Room 126's Class Page!!!

Welcome to our website, a place where you can visit to learn all of the important information about what is going on in our classroom and at school. I hope you are able to find everything that you need to keep you informed of the procedures, events, and learning activities for the 2013-2014 school year.  *Assignments are subject to change at any time.

The "links" link to the right will take you to our list of class websites.  Some links will be used for practice while others will be used for assignments.  These links will change throughout the year as well. Kidblog passwords are students' 6 digit birthdays.  The links below will take you to our class schedule and our monthly newsletter.

***New this year is a link to all Common Core Reading and Writing Standards.  As we work through the core this year, you will see assignments with standards written in the top corners.  Use the rubric link to reference your child's scores.***

In addition, our class activation code for Scholastic.com is H2JHP.  When prompted during online ordering, please input this code to receive a free book.  Our class will also receive a free book :)


Informational Writing Rubric

Narrative Writing Rubric

Opinion Writing Rubric


Online Reading Resources for Kids





No School!


Tuesday- D3

M.A.P. Test - Reading


Wednesday - D4


Thursday - D5


Friday - D1

OLHMS Q/A 9 - 10:15 a.m.

Arbor Day - 12 p.m.



Language Arts



30 minute read 


30 minute read w/ summary entry (if applicable)

Finish Spring Cinquains

Find the Evidence


30 minute read w/ summary entry (if applicable)


90 minute read w/ summary entry (if applicable)






10 minutes division facts

Lesson 5 Problem Set



10 minutes division facts

Lesson 5 Homework


10 minutes division facts

Lesson 6 Homework

30 minutes division facts

Lesson 7 Homework

Social Studies



The First Ironclad (First 2 pages)







Station 12 Write-Up    


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