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Welcome to Music Class!

In music class, the students will sing, play class instruments, read music notation, create and improvise music of various styles!  All students have the opportunity to participate in at least one concert per year to demonstrate the skills practiced in class.  Music is an exciting and enjoyable way to enhance literacy, math skills, and socialization skills.  All classes have music classes once a week for 40 minutes each. 4th and 5th graders have the opportunity to join chorus at their school!  I currently direct the Hometown and Hannum Choruses which meet one day a week.  Check out the cool music links at the side bar to learn more about music and play music games!  Just click on the word "Links" under CLASSROOM PAGES.

For CHORUS SONGS and 2nd grade songs --See Documents on the right side of this page..........


To contact me regarding any questions about the program or your child's experience in music, use the phone or email information at the top of this page.  Every attempt will be made in returning parent phone calls and emails within 24 hours during the school week.


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Class schedule-- see chart below

Day 1- Hannum Day 2-Hannum Day 3-Hmt Day 4-Hmt Day 5-Hannum  
3rd Gr Doleh 3rd Gr Zweig 4th Grade-C 4th Grade-A 3rd Gr Fitzgibbon  
5th Gr Grabarek 5th Gr Strickland 5th Grade-C 5th Grade-A 5th Gr Giovanazzi  
4th Gr Kmiec 4th Gr Wojciechowski 2nd Grade-C 2nd Grade-A 4th Gr Anderson  
2nd Gr Fitzgerald 2nd Gr McAuliffe 3rd Grade-C 3rd Grade-A 2nd Gr Carmichael  
1st Gr Modesitt 1st Gr Roberts Kindergarten-C Kindergarten-A 1st Gr Alshahin  
Kindergarten Rodriguez Kindergarten White 1st Grade-C 1st Grade-A Kindergarten Conner  





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