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Khan Academy



CCSS ROADMAPS:http://www.commoncoreworks.org/domain/114


Science/ Social Studies


Brain Pop


FossWeb - What's the Weather

Comparing Materials

National Geographic

Animal Research



D123 Family Math Playbook

Number Bonds

Everyday Math

Dance Mat Typing

Counts to 100

Give The Dog a Bone

Fun Math Brain

PBS Kids

Cool Math Games

Telling Time Practice




Tumble Books


Antonyms: Squanky the Tooth Taker

*Between the Lions

Cinderella Story

Compound Words: Snowman

Compound Words: Movie

Compound Words: Magician

Compound Words: Matching Game

*Contractions: Fill in the Blank Sentences

*Contractions: Hangmouse

*Digraphs: Beginning Digraphs

*Goldilocks Game

*Goldilocks Story

Homophones: Which One Homophone

Bedtime Stories

Build a Word

Fun Word Games

Giggle Poetry

Primary Games

Stories Online (Read by Celebrities)


Scholastic Student Activities

Math Links

Math Recovery

Math Recovery Game Page

Math Games

Math Magician

Math Games All Units

*Unit 1: Counting Fish

*Unit 1: Five Frame Math Game

*Unit 1:Number Sequence

*Unit 1: Number Sequence Monkey Ordering

*Unit 1: Number Memory Game

*Unit 2: Counting to 100

*Unit 2: Hiding Numbers Number Grid

*Unit 2: Splat - Blank 100 Grid

*Unit 2: Snapdragon-Telling Time

*Unit 2: Naming Coins

*Unit 2: Pennies & Nickels Quiz

*Unit 3 Ten Frame Math Game

*Unit 3: Recognizing Patterns

*Unit 3: Describing Patterns

*Unit 3: Number Jumbler Odd and Even

*Unit 3: Odd and Even Sorting

*Unit 3: Operation Odd Ghost Blaster

*Unit 3: Penguin Pop Up Math

*Unit 3: Bugabaloo Shoe Addition

*Unit 3: Butterfly 10 Frame Problems

*Unit 3: Number Line Addition

*Unit 3: Number Line Adding

*Unit 3: Subtracting on the Number Line

*Unit 3: Telling Time Game

*Unit 3: Time to Half Hour Quiz

*Unit 3: Stop the Clock Time Match Game

*Unit 3: Counting Money Quiz

*Unit 4: Adding on the Number Line

*Unit 4: Ways to Make 5 & 10

*Unit 5: Making Numbers with Base 10 Blocks

*Unit 5 Tens and Ones Memory Game

*Unit 5: Shark Attack Game (tens and ones)

*Unit 5: More or Less


Math Unit 4 Measuring by Centimeter Quiz

Math Unit 5 Alien Addition

Math Unit 5 Matching Addition Game

Math Unit 5 Place Value Penguins

Math Unit 5 Under the Shell Addition/Subtraction

Math Unit 7 2D and 3D Shapes

Math Unit 7 Find the Shape

Math Unit 7 Name That Shape

Math Unit 7 Plane Shapes

Math Unit 7 Polygon Matching Game

Math Unit 7 Shapes Sort

Math Unit 7 Shapeville

Math Unit 7 Sorting Shapes

Math Unit 8 Dolphin Fraction Race

Math Unit 8 Fraction Memory Game

Math Unit 8 Fraction Pizza Party

Math Unit 8 Money Match Up

Math Unit 8 Pennies & Dimes Quiz

Math Unit 8 Pennies & Nickels Quiz

Math Unit 8 Stop the Clock Game

MATH- Matching Money Game



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