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CCSS ROADMAPS:http://www.commoncoreworks.org/domain/114


Science/ Social Studies


Brain Pop


FossWeb - What's the Weather

Comparing Materials

National Geographic

Animal Research


Number Bonds

Everyday Math

Dance Mat Typing

Counts to 100

Give The Dog a Bone

Fun Math Brain

PBS Kids

Cool Math Games

Telling Time Practice




Tumble Books


Antonyms: Squanky the Tooth Taker

*Between the Lions

Cinderella Story

Compound Words: Snowman

Compound Words: Movie

Compound Words: Magician

Compound Words: Matching Game

*Contractions: Fill in the Blank Sentences

*Contractions: Hangmouse

*Digraphs: Beginning Digraphs

*Goldilocks Game

*Goldilocks Story

Homophones: Which One Homophone

Bedtime Stories

Build a Word

Fun Word Games

Giggle Poetry

Primary Games

Stories Online (Read by Celebrities)


Scholastic Student Activities




Math Links

Math Recovery

Math Recovery Game Page

Math Games


Number Bonds https://docs.google.com/a/d123.org/file/d/0B-shE9LXlAzyendwbFUwTUxsazA/edit

Math Magician

Math Games All Units

*Unit 1: Counting Fish

*Unit 1: Five Frame Math Game

*Unit 1:Number Sequence

*Unit 1: Number Sequence Monkey Ordering

*Unit 1: Number Memory Game

*Unit 2: Counting to 100

*Unit 2: Hiding Numbers Number Grid

*Unit 2: Splat - Blank 100 Grid

*Unit 2: Snapdragon-Telling Time

*Unit 2: Naming Coins

*Unit 2: Pennies & Nickels Quiz

*Unit 3 Ten Frame Math Game

*Unit 3: Recognizing Patterns

*Unit 3: Describing Patterns

*Unit 3: Number Jumbler Odd and Even

*Unit 3: Odd and Even Sorting

*Unit 3: Operation Odd Ghost Blaster

*Unit 3: Penguin Pop Up Math

*Unit 3: Bugabaloo Shoe Addition

*Unit 3: Butterfly 10 Frame Problems

*Unit 3: Number Line Addition

*Unit 3: Number Line Adding

*Unit 3: Subtracting on the Number Line

*Unit 3: Telling Time Game

*Unit 3: Time to Half Hour Quiz

*Unit 3: Stop the Clock Time Match Game

*Unit 3: Counting Money Quiz

*Unit 4: Adding on the Number Line

*Unit 4: Ways to Make 5 & 10

*Unit 5: Making Numbers with Base 10 Blocks

*Unit 5 Tens and Ones Memory Game

*Unit 5: Shark Attack Game (tens and ones)

*Unit 5: More or Less


Math Unit 4 Measuring by Centimeter Quiz

Math Unit 5 Alien Addition

Math Unit 5 Matching Addition Game

Math Unit 5 Place Value Penguins

Math Unit 5 Under the Shell Addition/Subtraction

Math Unit 7 2D and 3D Shapes

Math Unit 7 Find the Shape

Math Unit 7 Name That Shape

Math Unit 7 Plane Shapes

Math Unit 7 Polygon Matching Game

Math Unit 7 Shapes Sort

Math Unit 7 Shapeville

Math Unit 7 Sorting Shapes

Math Unit 8 Dolphin Fraction Race

Math Unit 8 Fraction Memory Game

Math Unit 8 Fraction Pizza Party

Math Unit 8 Money Match Up

Math Unit 8 Pennies & Dimes Quiz

Math Unit 8 Pennies & Nickels Quiz

Math Unit 8 Stop the Clock Game

MATH- Matching Money Game




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