September 28, 2011

Students present program to support teachers with technology

Under the leadership of Mrs. Laura Ferrell, the Students Working to Advance Technology (SWAT) team at the middle school continues to offer teachers and fellow students assistance with implementing technology in the classroom. Student representatives explained the various ways they support the OLHMS staff and students, and each student shared the reasons why he or she enjoys being part of the program. The program’s mission is “ to help teachers, staff and students integrate the use of technology into the classroom.  We will accomplish this mission by practicing our technology skills, learning new ways to use technology and providing friendly and knowledgeable service to those we are privileged to serve.” The program has been a great success in allowing students to learn about new technologies and share their learned knowledge by supporting staff and other students.

Board adopts fiscal year 2012 budget

The board of education unanimously adopted a $35.4 million budget for fiscal year 2012. The adopted budget projects $35.4 million in expenses, while projecting $33.5 million in revenues. Details of the approved budget can be viewed here. While the board approved proceeding with deficit spending, they articulated their direction for the administration to provide strategies to balance the budget over the next three years. District 123, like many districts in the state of Illinois, is currently facing financial challenges resulting from numerous influencing factors, including, but not limited to, reductions in state and federal funding, limited new growth, historically low CPI, and decreases in tax collection rates.

The fiscal year 2012 budget includes $850,000 in reductions, the majority of which were accomplished through operating efficiencies, while still following the board established assumptions to approach the deficit incrementally, protect class size, and minimally impact programming. The district will continue to address the deficit as planning begins for the fiscal year 2013 budget this fall. The next committee of the whole meeting, which will focus on discussing new board assumptions for the FY 2013 budget approach, will take place on October 11, 2011, at Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School. The budget presentation from the September D123 Committee of the Whole meeting can be viewed here.

While the district is committed to addressing the current financial challenges, it is also committed to providing the best possible education to the students of D123. The administration will continue to find innovative and creative means to provide funding for important initiatives that will empower students to be successful in the future workplace. This year, as an example, the district transferred $800,000 from the construction fund to implement a major technology initiative where each student in grades five through eight will receive access to a netbook computer. The construction fund is a surplus fund made available through previous bond sales that functions to provide the means to conduct renovations or updates to district facilities. District 123 has maintained each building with excellence, resulting in facilities that are in outstanding condition. The excellent condition of the buildings afforded the district the opportunity to utilize the construction funds for the technology purchase, while still holding a nearly $2 million balance after the purchase.

More financial strategies of this nature will be discussed this fall and winter as the district seeks ways to provide the best fiscally responsible education for D123 students. 


In the news

Parental Involvement Night and Video

Tue, Jan 17, 2012

D123 students explain how parents can help support students with their learning. Click on the link to read the full story and view the video.

Representative Burke Visits with Middle School Students

Fri, Jan 20, 2012

Students experience the opportunity to learn about the Illinois law-making process from Oak Lawn's state representative.

5th Annual OLHMS Make-A-Wish Volleyball Tournament

Sat, Jan 21, 2012

We invite you to come out and support the Oak Lawn-Hometown Middle School's Make-A-Wish efforts as they host the 5th annual volleyball tournament.





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