Intramural Sports

OLHMS Intramurals

OLHMS is proud to offer intramural sports to all students. There are no tryouts for intramurals and all sports are co-ed. Students must simply fill out a permission form in order to attend. Intramural sports are offered at different times throughout the year. While many of them are free of charge, there are a couple that require a small fee.


OLHMS proudly offers the following intramural sports:


Basketball (Year round)

Floor Hockey (Year round)

Soccer (Fall)

Intramural Soccer Permission Form

Golf (Fall and Spring)**

Bowling (Winter)**


** Indicates that a small fee is required in order to participate






Wednesday, Oct. 1

5:00 PM  HMT Market Day

6:00 PM  HMT PTA Mtg

6:30 PM  KOL PTA Mtg

9:30 AM  District Wide Late Start

6:30 PM  SWA PTA Mtg

3:30 PM  COV Market Day