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September 18, 2013

We have learned that systems are made up of parts that work together for an outcome.  Think part to whole.  Now that we have completed our first chapter of study on ecosystems, please answer the following---   How do the following parts -- climate, plant life, animals and soil -- relate to a biome. and what happens when people move into that biome?

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These things are related to a biome because plant life, climate, soil and animals are all in every biome. When people move into a biome, they may invade it. They might have to cut down trees and ruin animals habitats. People can also invade plants and soil, even climate. This is what happens when a human moves into a biome and how these things are related to a biome.
Laikin 7 11:04PM 09/19/13
All of those relate to a biome, and I'm about to tell you about them. Climate, plant life, animals, and soil relate to a biome because they actually MAKE UP a biome because all of those biotic things live there, and those thing actually make the biome. But sometimes when humans get in the picture, they kill animals and plants. That definitely affects the biome.
Kaylee L *period 7* 10:59PM 09/19/13
All of the components of a biome relate to each other because each part helps each other live. When people move into the biome,the are enlarging the community and they possibly could change the biome.
RachelR.-8 9:46PM 09/19/13
In a forest the climate and the soil promote plant life and the plants feed the animals. Sometimes, humans cut the trees down which reduces the plant life causing the animals to move away.
Emily/8 8:05PM 09/19/13
Climate, animals, plant life and soil all relate to a biome because they all work together and use eachothers resources. The plant life needs the soil to grow and some animals get there energy from the plant life, or from eachother. The climate will determine what type of plants and animals will live in that biome. They all need eachother to continue on. Once people move into a biome they are most likely to take away parts of it and put in own things that they use. For example shops, factory's, possibly farm lands, huge business, houses and much more.
Nailea/8th period 7:56PM 09/19/13
Climate helps the plant life, animals, and some times soil ,because certain animals and plants live in different types of places witch they can use to survive. Different animals need different types of climate so they can survive too. Soil uses climate too so they can help plants grow there too. So that's how climate, animals, plant life, and soil relate to a bio me.
Manny/8 7:11PM 09/19/13
PLants, animals, soil, and climate all determine the way the place looks and the living needs of consumers like us. when people move in, the habitat may change. Natural features may be destroyed, and imported animals and plants my be brought to that enviroment. All of this leads up to an ecosystem different from its original/natural state.
Elliot period3 6:50PM 09/19/13
Soil relates to a biome because plants NEED to have it or they can't survive, and without those plants, animals can't survive. If all the animals are gone, then we can't stay alive because we eat a lot of those animals. The climate relates to a biome because all the things need a certain temperature. So, let's say, a lizard is in the tundra, it won't survive because it can't handle that weather. It needs warmth and humid areas.
Lilli -8 6:48PM 09/19/13
A climate and plant life and animals and soil relate to a biome because we need soil to plant plants and animals need to eat plants to surive. When people move into biome they deisturb the soil to bulid houes and then they can not plant plants amd then animals have to leave because there is no plants so they can not eat.
Kailey - 8 6:22PM 09/19/13
Well, Mrs. L, I'm glad you asked that. I agree, climate, abiotic and biotic factors all make up a biome. But let's say that not everyone knows what climate, abiotic and biotic factors are. So, I am willing to break it down. First off, let's talk about climate. Climate is the weather and temperature of an area. The weather of Illinois is all around, meaning that we get rain, hail, snow, sun and clouds. All around temperature in Illinois means the same thing, but with temperature. For example, when the seasons are changing, one day will be 60', while the next is 85'! Now, let's move on to abiotic factors. Abiotic means "nonliving". So, for example, water is an abiotic factor. The Sun, yup. Plants, well that's another story. I guess this is now the time for biotic factors. Biotic doesn't sound much different than abiotic, but they mean completely different things. Biotic means "living". So, plants, humans, animals, all that stuff, are biotic. Soil! I almost forgot! Soil is also an abiotic factor, because it's not a living thing. Now, let's put all these together. The only way biotic factors would survive is with abiotic factors. Abiotic factors are different throughout the year, so if it's a time when the moon is a new moon, the tides wouldn't be as big. That is the climate. The climate affects the biotic factors, which depending on how the climate is, will act a different way, changing the climate. So, without ay of those parts are missing, or treated poorly, will wipe out life as we know it. How nice?
Anabel 4 6:13PM 09/19/13
Culture, Plant life, Animals, and soil relate to a biome because these things are what make up a biome! What I mean by they "make up" a biome is well..... A biome wouldn't be a biome without these things! Okay so without plants there wouldn't be any animals because they wouldn't get food! When us humans move into these places we destroy the animals habitat by building houses and taking down trees and stuff like that! Another example is we would take their sorce of food..... By killing deer and stuff the animal that eats the deer would not have food.
Jordan 4 5:53PM 09/19/13
The soil helps the plants get nutrients and the animal eats the plant and when it dies it decomposes and goes into the soil and plants. If humans move in they will tear up the plants or drive out the animals and if something dies or leaves everything dies.
Tom 8 5:04PM 09/19/13
Climate, plant life, animals, and soil relates to a biome because they are all need to make the biome. Climate is the weather. You need plant life to have animals. Lastly you need soil to grow the plants.
Michael Y #4 4:12PM 09/19/13
Animals can relate to a biome because their homes are in a type of biome. If they leave in to a different biome that they are not used to they can die. When people move to a different biome they might build houses and destroy animals homes.
Natalie per:3 4:11PM 09/19/13
All of these things relate to a biome because every biome needs these to survive.When people move into a biome its starts to destroy that biome.
Jasmine period3 4:08PM 09/19/13
A climate,plant life, animals, and soil can all relate to a biome because the plants grow in grow in soil and the plant the is in the climate and the animals eat the plants which grow in the soil that is in a climate. They all depend on each other because then it forms almost like community. When people move that means that some of the biome is destroyed. It get destroyed because its not at its natural state.
Isabelle 7 period 3:49PM 09/19/13
Climate, plant life,animals and soil relate to a biome because they are all part of why that area looks that way. Climate effects what plants and animals can live there and so does soil and if the animals eat all the plants or don't live there the biome will die. When humans move in they disturb the balance by taking down trees and making animals flee from there homes.
Rachelm-8 2:58PM 09/19/13
The parts Climate, Plant life, Animals, and Soil relate because all of those things need each other. Without all of those elements the world would use a different system. You need the climate to grow the plants that use the dirt to grow and then the animals eat those plants and animals choose there homes by the climate and the plants because those are two main things they need to survive. When people move into a new biome they have to adapt to their new climate, plants and animals themselves. They have to get used to the foods in the area too.
Evelyn-8 2:58PM 09/19/13
climate,plant-life,animals,and soil all relate to a biome because they all live in any biome together.They can relate just by living in the same place or a better explanation of how they relate is that when these things are in the same biome they form a community that they use to survive off each other.For example,think of a food chain.The primary consumer depends on the producer for energy and food,then the secondary consumer depends on the primary consumer for a full stomach and energy also,finally,the tertiary consumer uses the secondary consumer as a source of energy and food also.When a human walks in on this system,the biome can be destroyed or very well maintained.If a human moves into this biome they may need to kill animals,as well as animals homes such as trees,wood,and etc.Something else that can happen when a human comes into the biome is that the human can help the animals and tree.A few ways a human a can help is by picking up garbage in the biome,helping injured animals,and tons more ways.
Danielle-period 7 2:07PM 09/19/13


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