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Welcome to Mrs. Marcinkowski's 8th Grade Language Arts Class

Welcome to my website which is designed to inform you of the procedures, events, and learning activities for the 2014-15 school year.

Hello, I am Mrs. Susan Marcinkowski 8th grade Language Arts teacher and Blue Team leader. If you have any questions regarding your child's progress please contact me via e-mail (smarcinkowski or phone ( 708-499-6400 ext. 7944). I look forward to an exciting and productive 8th grade year!

The purpose of this course is to open students’ minds and foster enjoyment and a deeper understanding of of literature and writing. Through the use of current instructional models and technology, we set high expectations that align with the district core values. These practices develop well-balanced literacy skills and promote life long learning.



    Advisory Reminders
Monday Review Quick Write 3; Discuss ReTake procedures; Peer Edit Quick Write 7; Define Mood & Tone - read "Saigon is Gone" and Complete Part 1 of Note Catcher. Homework: Read "Forgotten Ship.." transcript  

Review "Saigon is Gone"; Read & listen to transcript of "Forgotten Ship..." Complete Word Choice, Mood and Tone Note Catcher Part 2


Review Note-Catcher notes; End of Unit Assessment



 Independent Book reading & Project time


Independent Book reading & project time



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