Linux Details

Hardware Minimum System Requirements

To run Ubuntu, your system should have at least the following:

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 4 GB hard-drive space
  • USB port or CD//DVD drive

Quick Recovery

As part of equipping students with a device to learn necessary problem solving skills to be successful, we allow students full access to make changes on their devices to problem solve, experiment, and discover how to maximize on the use of their device. In order to allow students to successfully operate in this condition, we have established a rapid recovery function for the netbook to restore user settings back to their default state should something go wrong with the system. Students can restore their devices back to their default settings and still keep their saved files on their machine. To accomplish this, the netbook hard drive is partitioned into three parts: User Home, User Changes, and Default System. Any time a student makes a change to their netbook, the changes are recorded in the “User Changes” partition. When the device needs to be restored, the User Changes partition is erased, and the netbook returns back to its original state, while the User Home partition, with all the users saved files, does not get touched. Again, this allows students to keep their saved files, but restore the machine back to its original working condition.

Rapid Installation

Installation of Ubermix on netbooks is a quick process that takes less than five minutes from start to finish. The optimal way to conduct an install is from a USB key, which allows for an inexpensive, rapid deployment for many machines. It also allows quick reimaging of single machines should issues arise that the restore feature is unable to resolve.

Try it

For more detailed information about Ubermix on netbooks, including how to download and install, click here.

Thank you to Jim Klein, and Saugus Union School District for the assistance and permission to use portions of your documentation for our website. More information about Saugus Union School District’s program can be found here.


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