District 123 currently utilizes HP 1103 netbooks for our primary 1:1 device. The devices run a custom version of the Linux operating system based on Ubuntu Netbook Edition. The custom version is called “Ubermix” and was created and shared with us by Jim Klein at no cost. The operating system is entirely free, as are all of the applications installed. This allows us to maximize on our learning opportunities as well as keep costs extremely low. Full details about Ubermix and the applications running on our netbooks are listed below.

Ubermix is a lightweight operating system that allows us to maximize on the performance of the netbooks. The system has a combination of efficiency and performance to allow a variety of educational applications to run well on the devices. The requirements we established for the system include:

  • Create an ideal mix of applications for student learning and creativity while keeping the install as small as possible to fit on a netbook.
  • Create an efficient system to extend the life of storage and reduce power usage
  • Create a way for students to self-recover files quickly in the event of a system problem
  • Create a rapid installation process for quickly deploying a multitude of netbooks






Calculator a four-mode calculator; basic, advanced, financial and programming
Character Map find various special characters for pasting into the body of an email or word processing document
ScreenShot click the ‘prt sc’ key on the keyboard to take a screenshot
Text Editor a lightweight text editor
Tomboy Notes desktop note-taking application



Celestia free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions
GeoGebra mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus
Kanagram solve and create your own anagrams
KBruch practice calculating with fractions
Kig explore geometric constructions
KTouch practice and master keyboarding skills
KWordQuiz create and practice your own flashcard deck
Phun Physics Sandbox draw and play with physics concepts
Scratch Visual Programming game programming platform
Stellarium a virtual planetarium of the solar system
Virtual Microscope part of NASA’s Virtual Laboratory Initiative; over 90 microscopic samples to view



Frozen Bubble multi-level color sort game    
GBrainy brain teaser/trainer game
Kanagram create and solve anagrams
Lincity similar to SimCity; build and manage a virtual city
Mahjongg ancient Solitaire game
Mines classic Mindsweeper game
Multiplication Puzzle multiplication game in which numbers are represented by letters; user must decode puzzle to solve
Naval Battle similar to Battleship; sink your opponent’s ships; play over WiFi or with the computer
Numpty Physics solve simulated physics problems by using your track pad to draw solutions
Potato Guy build avatars in various backgrounds, save and print
Sudoku Japanese number-placement puzzle
Tux Math arcade-style math practice
Tux Typing keyboarding skills practice



Agave Color Scheme color scheme generator
Dia Diagramming Editor diagram creation program
GIMP Image Editor allows the user to use any image, digitally edit and save them
Inkscape Vector Graphics graphic editing tool
LibreOffice Drawing create images using shapes and lines; often used for graphic organizers
Pencil Animation animation/drawing software
Scribus Desktop Publishing desktop publishing program
Shotwell Photo Organizer similar to iPhoto; store, edit, organize, print and upload images to social media
Tux Paint digital art creation tool



Firefox web browser
Google Chrome web browser
Google Earth find and map locations on Earth
Skype video communication tool
Thunderbird email application



Dictionary comprehensive database of vocabulary
Labrynth Mind-mapping mind-mapping tool
LibreOffice Calc create spreadsheets and charts
LibreOffice Impress create presentation slide shows
LibreOffice Math create mathematical formulae
LibreOffice Writer create word processing documents
Project Management plan and manage project time lines with this management platform
VYM-View Your Mind create graphic organizers for note taking or presentations

Sound and Video


Audacity records audio files; save and upload to a blog or other website
Banshee plays various forms of sound and video files
Cheese take a picture using a built-in webcam
Movie Player video file player
OpenShot Video Editor edit video and create a movie to upload
PulseAudio Volume Control control the volume of input and output devices, as well as recording and playback modes
SMILE Slideshow Creator presentation software; create slides to use during a presentation
Sound Recorder record sounds using either the internal or external mix that can then be inserted into presentations or uploaded to a website
Webcam Capture capture video using a built-in camera; video can be inserted in a presentation or uploaded to a website



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