Parent Purchase Program

Completion of Netbook Parent Purchase Program

At the start of the 2014-2015 school year, School District 123 looks to upgrade and expand student access to technology both at home and in school.  What will this mean for you and your child?

As of May 28, 2014, the Netbook Parent Purchase Program will be discontinued. 

  • Students that have purchased their devices in full as of May 28th will bring them home permanently at the end of the school year.
  • Students that have not paid their account in full may do so before May 28th.  If full payment is not received by the due date above, the device will remain the property of School District 123.

Starting in the fall of 2014:

  • All students in grades 3 - 5 will continue to be supplied with an ASUS or HP Netbook.
  • These devices will stay in school. 
  • There will be no purchase program moving forward.
  • Previously purchased netbooks will stay at home.At the teacher’s discretion, your child will be allowed to bring their purchased device to school.
  • All students in grades 6 - 8 will be supplied with a new Google Chromebook.
  • These devices can be brought home with students.
  • There will be no purchase program moving forward.
  • The device is the property of School District 123.
  • Previously purchased HP netbooks will stay at home.
  • An insurance program will be available to families of middle school students. More information regarding the D123 insurance program will be available late summer/fall 2014.


2013-2014 Parent Purchase Program

2013-2014 Final Installment Purchase Receipt
In combination with personal invoice to reflect balance due.

2013-2014 HP Purchase Agreement

2013-2014 ASUS Purchase Agreement

2012-2013 Parent Purchase Program

District 123 is offering parents of students in grades 3-8 the opportunity to purchase a netbook (HP 1103 for grades 5-8 and Asus 1011 for grades 3+4) over a three-year term. By taking part in the purchase program, parents will provide their children with the opportunity to take his/her netbook home after school, on weekends, and over selected breaks. If parents do not participate in the program, students will still receive access to a netbook during the school day, but the device will not go home with the student in the evening.

Last year, the D123 technology fee was increased in order to sustain our district technology plan and provide resources to refresh our devices on a regular schedule. Part of the increase also allows us to significantly reduce the cost of the netbook purchase program for our families. 

Participation in the program will include access to a netbook, purchase of a case and an extra charging unit. The combined total of these three items has been divided over a three year term, resulting in an annual payment installment of $44.00. Once all payments have been made, the device will become solely the property of the purchaser. If a student leaves the district prior to the completion of the term, the parent may either pay the remainder of the balance owed on the device to gain full ownership or return the device back to the district. No refunds will be issued for time remaining in a given school year should a device be returned early.

For parents of students in grades 5-8 who did not participate in the program last year, but would like to begin the program this year, you will only have two payments remaining in the program to secure ownership of the HP 1103 model your student is utilizing. We are not requiring three payments as the device you are making payment on now has one year of use, and thus the fair market value has depreciated to the point where only two payments would remain before you have paid off the fair market value of the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a three year payment program?

By breaking payments up over three years, D123 is able to offer parents the option to purchase a device at a very low annual cost with no interest. The device remains property of the district during that time, which allows the district to perform maintenance, updates, and management of the devices while still allowing students to take the device home for use during the evening.

What if we leave the district before the end of the three year term?

If a student leaves the district prior to the end of the three year term, the option will be provided to submit the remaining balance on the device wherein the student can take full possession of the device. For example, if an 8th grade student participates in the program, at the end of this school year, he or she can submit the remaining balance for the next two years to receive ownership of the device. If a parent does not wish to pay the remaining balance, simply return the device at no further commitment. The device will then be placed back into our inventory.

Can a parent purchase the device outright with a single payment?

At this point, we are not providing this option. We are, however, working with our vendor to establish a low-cost program for parents who want to purchase a netbook directly from the vendor. We do not have a final price on this option, but we anticipate the price being around $300 for the device only (no case or extra charger). We will share details of this option once we have them finalized with our vendor.

If I don't sign the Parent Purchase Agreement or the Netbook Responsible Use Contract, can my child still use the netbook during the day?  How will this effect my child's progress in the classroom?

If you do not sign the Parent Purchase Agreement, your child will still have access to the netbook during the school day. If you do no sign the Netbook Responsible Use Contract, your child will not be allowed to use a netbook during the day. These two forms are different. The Netbook Responsible Use Contract is required for any student to have access to a netbook during the day. Students will not have access to many of the learning resources or learning experiences available through the netbooks if they do not have a signed Responsible Use Contract on record.

What if I like the newer model more than the one my child had last year?

Because of the nature of our purchase cycle, you are only eligible to purchase the device your student is presently using.

When I have paid my account in full, am I responsible for repairs, upgrades, and cleaning?

Once you have gained full ownership of the netbook, you are responsible for repairs, upgrades and cleaning. We will certainly serve as a resource to help provide guidance on this process, but you will be entirely responsible for the machine from the point of final purchase.

If you have more questions about this program, please feel free to contact district Chief Information Officer, Mr. Joe Macchia, at [email protected]




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