Crazy 8's Math Club

Neon City

Students build a giant skyscraper with glow sticks

Crazy 8s is a math club unlike any other! It offers unique, high-energy math activities that appeal to kids of all math abilities.  Any kid who likes math should get to enjoy more of it, right? Thanks to the help of 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Strelow, students at Hometown School are able to sign up this after school club where she gathers all math enthusiasts for some extra math fun!  This program is all hands-on club that includes different math games.  They are a combonation of individual, partner, small group and whole group activites. At the end of most sessions, students even get to take the materials home. The program provides students with dice, decks of cards, spy glasses, glow sticks, airplanes made out of popsicles sticks, rubber bands and finger lights. Students are encouraged to check out the app and website for more ideas. Mrs. Strelow said, "The best part of this club is seeing how much the kids love it. I had to do a new session each trimester because there were 42 second graders who wanted to join!" 

Some of the weekly sessions include: 

Neon City: Build a giant skyscraper with glow sticks

Ninjas on the Run: Sneak through a maze of lazer shapes without setting off the alarms

Road Trip: Roll the dice to make it across the country first

Super-Cube Shuffle: Math and art colliade when you use colored cubes to make designs

Cowabunga: Play with numbers as you become fence-hopping cows and make patterns to jump the fence

Funky Factals: Get funky with patterns and mazes

Flying Fuzzies: Send fuzzy pom-poms flying through the air using popsicle sticks and rubber bands

Firefighter Training: Discover how firefighters do speedy math to figure out how much water they will need to put out a blaze.  


Check out this website for more information about this program.

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.